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      1. 2018年11月30日 星期二


          The MCCBTS Kunshan Welding Materials Co., Ltd is located in the No.1 of China’s top 100 counties ——Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. This city is also the cradle of Kun Opera which has always been reputed as the founder of all China’s dramas.


          The company is the holding subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation and it formerly known as Shanghai Baosteel Metallurgical Construction Company Kunshan Welding Factory established in 1988. At that time, this factory is one of the earliest professional manufacturers which produce copper-plated solid welding wires and it has renamed to Kunshan MCC Baosteel Welding Matedials Co., Ltd in 2012. After that, the company changed its product brand from the “Si Huan” to “MCC Welding Materials” in 2015.


          The MCCBTS Kunshan Welding Materials Co., Ltd is specialized in R&D, production and sales of high-quality new low-alloy steel solid welding wires. The company has a professional team that responsible for research, management and marketing. And it is also equipped with advanced production equipment and a world-class experimental testing technology center. At the same stage, the company has established a positive and stable cooperation relationship in R&D area, so it has powerful strength to provide customers with full-services such as product R&D, manufacturing and technical support.

          公司低合金鋼實心焊絲產品種類、規格齊全。產品種類包括氣保實心焊絲、埋弧實心焊絲和焊劑三大類, 包括了31個鋼種400余個品種的產品,是目前國內同行業中能夠做到品種規格配置齊全的少數廠家之一。在這些產品中,80KG、90KG、100KG等級別高強鋼氣保焊絲,在國內率先實現了替代進口焊材的批量使用,并且代表了國內高強度級別的氣保焊絲水平;X90、X100、X120管線鋼用埋弧焊材被應用于國內重點工程試驗段;研發成功的80KG級別耐低溫焊材填補國內該領域焊材空白,成功替代進口焊材;在國內開發成功“一噸重包裝焊絲”,獲得廣泛使用;公司開發的新型無鍍銅實心焊絲,徹底解決了傳統鍍銅焊絲在制造過程中產生的重金屬銅的污染、減少了在焊接過程中由于銅煙霧形成而對焊工健康的影響以及銅在焊接過程中對焊縫性能造成的不利影響。

          This company has a complete range of products and specifications, its products can be divided into three major categories: gas shield solid welding wires, submerged-arc solid welding wires and welding flux, including 31 types of steel and more than 400 varieties of products. At present, only a few manufacturers in the Chinese market have such a full range of product production capacity. Among these products, some gas shielded welding wires made with high-strength steel such as 80kg level, 90kg level, 100kg level etc have taken the lead in Chinese market to achieve batch use instead of imported welding materials. This has represents the highest level of domestic gas shielded welding wire in China. Expect that, the company’s X90, X100, X120 submerged-arc solid welding materials for pipeline steel were first applied in experimental stage of major project; and the 80kg level low temperature resisting welding materials developed by the company has supplied a gap for this field in China. Not only this, the “one ton heavy packaging wire” first developed by the company has been widely used in Chinese market and the new non-coppered solid wire also developed by the company has completed solved the pollution of heavy metal copper produced during the manufacturing process of traditional copper-plated welding wire and it also reduce the adverse health effects from copper smoke on welder’s health and avoids the adverse effects of copper on the performance of weld joint during the welding process.


          The MCCBTS Kunshan Welding Materials Co., Ltd has a complete quality assurance system and it has been approved by the ISO9001 International quality management system in 1998 which is earlier than most Chinese companies in the welding material industry. The company attaches great importance to environmental protection and employees’ health so it passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001 occupational health&safety management system certification in 2011. After that, the company became the first one among all the domestic companies to obtain the three systems of quality, environment and occupational health&safety certification at the same time. The main products of the company have passed the classification society certifications of China CCS, American ABS, British LR, French BV, Korean KR, Italian RINA, Norwegian DNV-GL, Japanese NK and the European Union CE, and parts of these certifications represent the highest level of exclusive certification in China, such as “Hai Gong” 80kg level welding materials and low temperature welding materials.


          The company has a high reputation and extensive influence in the field of low-alloy high strength steel welding consumables, its products are widely used in key areas of national project such as steel structures, ships, bridge, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pipelines, boilers, pressure vessels, vehicles, offshore platforms, wind power generation, etc. The company also provides welding materials and services for Chinese major project like the Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium, West-East natural gas transmission project,the Three Gorges Project, the 2nd Nanjing Yangtse River Bridge and so on. The companys products are not only sold in the Chinese market, but also exported to Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


          The companys strategic development plan is "to build a "national first-class" special welding materials manufacturing and technical service provider", so the MCCBTS Kunshan Welding Materials Co., Ltd has always made its contribution to the country as its own obligation and accelerate the implementation of strategic planning with the goal of increasing global markets share. While focusing on products, the company is also committed to the consideration of its employees, seeking a more efficient development model for the organization and providing better services to its customers, in order to make the MCCBTS Kunshan Welding Materials Co., Ltd become a domestic leader brand in the welding materials industry.

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